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From our unique landscape to our modern cityscapes, Australia is a land of outdoor beauty. There is no better way to shine a light on this beauty than with Ligman Australia, one of the world’s premier outdoor luminaire brands. Ligman Australia products combine contemporary architectural lighting design with modern lighting technology to deliver quality aesthetic enhancing lighting, whilst ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability goals are met. Ligman Australia is exclusively distributed by Australia’s own leading luminaire company ELS.

At ELS, we do more than distribute, we bring over 30 years of custom design and manufacturing experience to Ligman Australia. This enables us to respond to uniquely Australian design and specification briefs on behalf of clients to find their perfect exterior luminaire solutions. Through our local manufacturing capability, we customise and fully assemble the Ligman Australia product to meet each client’s specific needs. We then rigorously test to ensure both compliance and performance capability to Australian standards. Ligman Australia, one of the world’s best exterior lighting brands, powered by ELS, Australia’s leading luminaire company, will amplify the beauty of any outdoor space.

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