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Many aspects contribute to quality of light and the lit environment. The Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) and Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of a luminaire’s light source can have an immense impact on the lit environment. The choice of colour can add warmth to an area, or make different colours stand out. Along with high colour rendering, we can produce a faithful representation of colours as we would expect them to appear naturally. From an environmental aspect, we offer amber options for areas such as those designated for turtle nesting. Low Colour Temperatures, PC Amber and filter-based options, where the short wavelength blue is removed, enhance the dark sky environment. This aids in wildlife preservation for both nocturnal animal movement and in the health and wellbeing of all fauna.

Proper shielding through the use of MicroVOS™ and light distribution can reduce the sky glow, allowing more of the night sky to be seen. It also decreases the spill light in areas where the light is not required or wanted.


FUTURE PROOFING SOLUTIONS - Connectivity & Controls

Ligman Australia can factory fit a range of control options to cater for a wide variety of applications, whether it be DALI or wireless systems such as CASAMBI. This, along with stand alone options, controls the luminaire through Dusk to Dawn operation utilising the internal programming.

For future proof control, Zhaga Book 18 bases can be custom fitted, allowing for a variety of wireless solutions, such as those provided by Stienel, Siginify or Tridonic. This allows for full flexibility of the integration management system and the IoT, without the need for further modification.


The International Dark Sky Approved Program
provides objective, third-party certification for
products, designs, and completed projects that
minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and don’t
pollute the night sky. Ligman Australia proudly
collaborates with our cutting-edge MicroVOS™
products, on Dark Sky Approved projects.

In Ligman Australia’s ongoing commitment to reducing the impact of artificial lighting on the natural environment, select luminaires are available with the option of long wavelength light sources. Incorrect lighting at beach front developments can prevent sea turtles from nesting or baby turtles from safely reaching the ocean. Ligman Australia luminaires with this option available carry the Turtle friendly logo.

Many cities across the globe are facing the complex issue of spiralling electricity costs and the addition of new smart technologies hitting the market. Through early engagement and careful planning our lighting network can be used to future-proof our Australian cities. By realising the potential in our urban street lighting, a smarter opportunity awaits us, one that offers the possibility of controlling the output of every light across multiple areas of different uses.

Sporting precincts can be tuned to fluctuating crowds and quiet city parks can be dimmed and turned off late in the night. This can improve running costs, pedestrian and vehicular safety, and assist in monitoring and maintaining luminaires into the future. From wireless control to light sensors, motion sensors, security cameras, speakers, chargers and inbuilt emergency lighting. The future is at our fingertips and Ligman Australia can help you with your vision.

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