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Ligman Australia’s inhouse testing laboratory allows for our luminaires to be customised and tested for the conditions which we expect them to encounter when installed in Australia. The Ligman Australia laboratory has capabilities in electrical and mechanical testing, endurance and thermal testing and photometric testing. This local testing is in addition to the rigorous testing that occurs at the Ligman Thailand facility involving ingress protection and impact protection testing, EMC testing and salt spray testing.

To ensure that all LED components are manufactured to specification, the Ligman factory in Thailand houses their own SMT lab. Their on-site and state of the art toolmaking facility means all fabricated and die-cast components are produced from beginning to end with exceptional quality.

With testing conducted in both Thailand and Australia, every luminaire that leaves the Ligman Australia factory is suitable for the environmental conditions of its desired location. The testing ensures Ligman Australia products can withstand harsh coastal conditions, dry heat, tropical climates, and any other environments where damage can occur.


Corrosion and paint deterioration can be an issue especially with outdoor luminaires subjected to harsh environments. Through testing and the use of quality surface treatments and finishes, Ligman Australia ensures the longevity of our luminaires. At Ligman Australia we take numerous steps to ensure that our luminaire surface finishes are up to the task. We start with a low copper content aluminium, then passivate the surface using a multi-step chromate conversion coating. Finally, a high-grade exterior polyester powdercoat is applied to protect from corrosion, ensuring the durability of the finish. For added protection in harsh environments an extra ‘primer’ coat can be added between the conversion coating and exterior powdercoat by special request.

With the production of such durable and long-lasting products, Ligman Australia identified the need for an external fastener system to ensure that our luminaires were serviceable through years to come. The decision was taken to adopt zinc flake coating (ZFC) to the fasteners, a permanent barrier to corrosion and a further commitment to the longevity of the products.

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